Addressing ERP Engagement Problems

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Engagement FactorsSo what is the biggest barrier to your company working efficiently with your new system? It isn’t actually implementation or cost. It’s usually engagement. Even the best system with an incredibly useful suite of features can be seen as useless if people are not engaged. It happens all the time in this industry due to ignorance and more often due to a lack of training. So how do you draw people into this? We’ll explain how to do that today.

Perhaps the biggest problem that many authors address is a lack of commitment. If the top leaders in your company do not want to bother with it, why should anyone else? Therefore everyone needs to learn to use this at some point. Anyone who is “above” doing this is probably going to cause some really massive problems down the road. Make sure that you never put up with anything like that going on in a company. It erodes internal confidence.

When training people make sure that your system actually gives them the data they need. Salespeople need tons of information. Customer service needs quite a bit less. It would actually probably be bad for them to have access to all the data on a customer from start to finish. It could lead to confusion and really cause problems all around with this.

Remember to pick a good provider and remove all of your legacy systems. In the modern era it’s a really bad idea to keep old, outdated systems around. Make sure to upgrade every possible option to make sure things work out well. Competition insures new ones are the best.

Grant management software and all other forms of ERP need engaged users to make the most of this. If they aren’t using every feature then you are wasting money. All large companies can find some use for every possible feature of the system. Most of them do not however. If possible you should assign someone to make sure that you are getting maximum use and efficiency out of every single ERP feature.

So what happens if you do not make sure to push this in your company? Most of the time it will lead to employee distress and unrest. They won’t take advantage of the incredible data at their fingertips. They will complain that the system is terrible when it is not. Then they may leave in time to find a job which does not have Microsoft Dynamics. It’s their loss but can also be one for your company as well if you aren’t prepared for them to leave.

At the end of the day putting in a monetary incentive may be the biggest way to improve on this. Paying employees who have done the training and worked hard more makes sense. Be sure to have some program for this and give them ample opportunities for training. You may even want to pay for some additional training if any programs are offered by a great company. There are many free resources though and it can really motive employees.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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