Advance Surfactants Manages Capital With MSD

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Advanced Surfactants Test TubesAdvanced Surfactants of India have had an interesting trip from having practically no CRM to having a full MSD AX installation which greatly improved their overall efficiency and power in the system as well. Due to this they greatly improved the efficiency of their system and gave their employees a wealth of options which they never had before. This has led to continued success for them and we’ll talk about the various ways in which they improved the overall setup.

When they first started out they had a system which was mostly manual, causing workers to put in many more hours than they expect to in order to keep all of the information flowing properly. As such the system was very inefficient and did not work for them. Eventually they moved to Excel which improved the overall situation but did not solve all the problems of integration and deployment of their data. Eventually they turned to Microsoft Dynamics AX in order to fully move their products along the invaluable supply lines.

Since they are a company in India growth is vital for them. Government authorities are pushing for all companies to grow and prosper so that they can recreate their country. This one is no different so they needed an efficient setting to do it in. Cost was one of many factors that they considered when turning to the MSD family as well since the pay-as-you-go setup is very handy for them. If they ever decide that they do not need the product then they can easily move on.

Microsoft Dynamics AX solved their biggest problem which was the fact that they had to expand across a large number of locations in a short amount of time. With their previous solutions they did not always get the proper deployment which they needed. Therefore they eventually went with this in order to make sure they were getting the final results needed.

Their turnaround time and efficiency for clients improved greatly with this setup. They also ended up paying less due to the highly affordable cost of the entire installation which saved them huge amounts of money in the long run and will continue to do so over the years. As usual this is yet another big reason that the company moved in this direction. A similar story unfolded with HP as well.

Since their installation runs on the AX framework they also had another benefit; control. Their production of each item was now easily controllable from the core server which allows them to greatly improve the pace of the entire development process. They make surfactants as you might expect, which are materials which form a covering over the surface of an item. In most cases these surfacing agents protect it on a level that no other treatment can. Now they have made millions during recent years and have a thriving business group.

Grant management software will also likely be useful for them in the future when India is pushing development even harder and has more grants than ever to offer. So they have other options and uses for this network that they may not have even used.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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