Analytics Increase with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring Release

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iPad MSD 2015 ShotsMicrosoft Dynamics CRM recently received a spring release. It shows us where this program is going and some interesting current factors. We’ll be going over all the big reveals for you here. It may give you some idea as to whether you want to speed up your adoption here. All of these are really serious improvements if you already use the system and are already enjoying it as well. After some difficulties recently they’re really stepping up their game as a company.

The biggest change is additional integration with Office 365. MSD employees have been telling us for years that this is the direction they are going in. So for those who already use it there are many more additions in this particular area. The largest by far is that Excel is becoming highly integrated into the framework. This allows for very easy and simple management of accounting data in companies of any size.

Many of the top computing websites are covering this now. User interfaces across every part of the company’s products are being redesigned as well. Not only will they be easier to use but will have many additional connectivity options. This all ties into their plan of making each of their programs interact with every single other one all the way across the board.

Social listening has amped up in many new ways such as with Power BI and Parature as well. Both of these and other programs have greatly improved the social capabilities of this particular CRM software. We may see Microsoft buy other companies in this area as well in order to create the strongest suite we have ever seen in this area. All of this could take years though so there is no telling where things could go from here. Many of these details were revealed at convergence.

Hardware is another area where everything greatly improved. Now there are new ways to configure your software across all your mobile devices very easily. Developers were also given new toolkits so that they can do more than ever with all of this. Dedication to developers was also a huge part of these releases as well.

For those using it as fundraising software this is also a huge addition. Now you can track donations in new ways and even track your progress on social media in exciting new ways. For nonprofits this is a great time to adopt Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 because it appears they are focusing nearly all of their efforts on making sure this is the most amazing ERP tool anywhere.

Not all of these features are fully finished so you may have to wait a bit for some of them. However they will come out in 2015 so be sure to watch for them. Development is of course always an ongoing process. It does look like all of these will be coming out at a fairly good pace though so you shouldn’t have to wait for too long if you are adopting the system or already have one installed at your business.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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