Appraisal Research Corporation

Appraisal Research Corporation


Appraisal Research Corporation, a privately-owned ad valorem (mass appraisal) corporation, based in Findlay, Ohio, was incorporated in 1977. The firm provides ad valorem appraisal services and software products to assessing entities such as counties and townships. The corporation’s primary customers are government property assessors and treasurers in Ohio and Indiana.

Ad valorem appraisal services for residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial properties include (but are not limited to):

– Revaluation and reassessment fieldwork, statistical analysis and valuation

– Triennial update statistical analysis and valuation

– New construction inspection, sketching, and valuation

– Abated property fieldwork and valuation

– Exempt property fieldwork and valuation

– Sales verification and analysis

– Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) inspections

Software products include

– ARCama (computer assisted mass appraisal) software

– ARCtax (tax accounting) software

– ARCvantage software– Geospatial software utilizing GIS and parcel layers to depict property boundaries and building characteristics. Includes a document center to scan and store all pertinent documents for the property.

– CLVC (land valuation) software

The firm also provides expert testimony for valuation-related court cases, valuation project oversight, hardware and software consultation and a variety of valuation related consultation. A number of other consulting services are available upon request.

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