Azima DLI

Azima DLI

Woburn, Massachusetts USA (HQ)

Azima DLI – Marine and Mechanical Engineering – Vibration Consulting since 1966.

Azima DLI has been a pioneer of many of the methods of Predictive Maintenance and Machinery Vibration Analysis used today. For more than 40 years, we have implemented the largest and most successful condition monitoring programs in the world. AzimaDLI is the developer of an automated vibration diagnostic system for machinery condition assessment, available in our portable data collectors and online monitoring systems.

Azima DLI is the only global machine condition monitoring company to combine advanced technology, expert analysts and a web delivery model that provides plant managers with knowledge they need to ensure machinery uptime and reduced maintenance cost.

In addition to machinery troubleshooting, a major focus of AzimaDLI Services is the development of specific periodic testing and analysis programs for machinery asset management.

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