Bancroft’s One World and Microsoft Dynamics

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Bancroft LogoBancroft hosts one of the most prestigious private programs for children with disabilities. They focus not only on taking care of the kids but also helping them to become independent. They realized that with their significant growth they needed to move to a bigger solution for managing all of their assets. Microsoft Dynamics GP proved to be perfect for their financial department. Between the sheer power and quick deployment it provided everything that they could need.

The company itself was created in 1883 when they founded a private school for the disabled. It was tremendously successful because places like this were so difficult to find. Since then the company has grown to provide care for adults as well as children. This massive expansion made them much more successful but they were outgrowing their current system in a variety of different ways.

Donor management software is vital for them because they are a nonprofit. People want to donate to them because they make an impact in the lives of so many people who would have otherwise had not chance. Keeping track of all the well-wishers can be a bit daunting when they have so many people interested in working with them. Success is a good problem to have though.

As with so many others integration was vital for them. They had many office systems that they already had set up which they needed to get working together. They were able to quickly configure everything in a short amount of time and keep many of their current systems working. Their standalone ERP system was replaced but at that point they did not really need it.

Business intelligence was another important feature that Microsoft Dynamics GP added. Now they can collate and spread reports on the entire company with just a click. This really made things much easier for their finance team. Now they had all the information at their fingertips and could analyze it on the fly in order to get the best information possible for their management team.

This new knowledge is allowing them to create new and lucrative programs for the nonprofit. They now know what is making the most money for them and where they want their programs to go in the future. This allows them to grow even further in the long run. They could also identify areas where they were spending too much money and cut down on unnecessary costs.

With the new approach to funding the finance team can now find more support than ever from the surrounding community and places beyond that. This helps those who provide the care take their mind off things like that and focus on treating their patients. Bancroft is now set to continue with their growth over the course of the next few years. We could one day see them becoming a massive network of services to help those dealing with disabilities. Perhaps one day their dream of creating “One world. For everyone” will come true for all of their patients.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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