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Bid4Spots LogoOnline media is changing. Regular media is changing. Bid4Spots is at the center of how those with money take advantage of this. The company itself eventually switched to Microsoft Dynamics CRM in order to keep track of the large number of clients that they have. It just goes to show that all companies can benefit no matter how unconventional they are. Hopefully we can all learn something from the setup today.

So what does Bid4Spots do overall? It has weekly reverse auctions online. Companies go online to grab spots with bids on the setup. It’s a reverse auction because most of the time the core company puts up their own prices and their clients get to choose between them. This is a far cry from the normal process where you would call someone and go through a whole process.

They chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM chiefly because of the online capabilities it has. Potential clients can gather information about Google AdWords setups and related marketing to them. This is something you need in the newly online-centric world. It may not be a world of social media quite yet but it certainly is a world of online use.

It also helps them keep track of their various contacts in the Radio and TV industry. They take the unused time that these stations have and sell it to people. As such the companies get some additional money and the clients can get some cheap airtime that they would not previously have been able to. Another reason why it is a reverse auction is that the prices are set by stations bidding against one another in order to get the lowest price. Lowest price wins and everything is set up very quickly. Donor management software uses man of the same principles.

The company had been growing for some time since they started in 2005. As such they needed a better system to keep track of everything and they knew they wanted something related to ERP. They then had to weigh their choices between Microsoft Dynamics and other choices.

Systems like this also allow for many options in what the customer wants to buy. There are of course different stations but there are also different ways of approaching advertising. A children’s TV network will market different than say, Cinemax for example. Bid4Spots has to keep track of all of these in order to make sure their clients are getting what they want and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system helps them to do this.

Their final result was to combine some XRM framework applications, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and also iAnalytics into one package made just for their company. This extremely specific setup let them analyze what their customers wanted and what they could offer. All of this new information led to them creating a new and easier system in which they can help guide their buyers to the right package for them. Growth has expanded and they are on top in this very interesting niche industry that caters to some very specific clients from all around.



Author: Walter McDaniel

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