Blackstone Accounting and Microsoft Dynamics

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Blackstone Wealth Management LogoBlackstone Wealth Management is a historic company which has been helping people in the United Kingdom manage their wealth for many, many years. There are many different reasons that they needed an affordable and easily deployable CRM system to manage the huge number of clients which they have gathered over the years. Therefore they began looking into different solutions for all of this and eventually chose one which we all have a distinct interest in.

In the long run this saved them around £5,000 a month compared to their previous system which was causing some price gouging. The low cost of Microsoft Dynamics is something that many other company managers like about it and use to great effect in order to save thousands of dollars for their company.

One major point which set their company apart from others was that they did not go through a partner to handle all of this. Their in-house IT manager and team handled all of the installation inside of the company which allowed them to save even more money in the long run and improve the overall workflow as well.

Cloud architecture was a vital selling point for them as well. If you cannot tell your clients that you have a cloud in this day and age then you are nobody. It is something that people have come to expect and you need to deliver on that if you want to call yourself one of the most impressive businesses in the entire world. Therefore you should try to bring the cloud into your own organization as well, if at all possible.

Client interaction was also improved in a number of ways because they could now meet requests quickly and efficiently on a whole new level. Sharing their data with clients for visibility reasons was also greatly improved over the course of the installation as well. Today they continue to use these in order to get even better investment results than before.

Transfer of data was also extremely easy for them as they managed to save the old data and put it into the new server. This meant that hundreds of hours of costly entry was avoided which saved both time and money. This is another important factor to note if you are wondering whether you will have a huge amount of work to do in the overall transfer.

Accounting software for non profit organizations was also useful as some of their clients lie in that area. Any sort of software that can handle all the types of client they could every handle is very useful to them and this is certainly no exception, as you might expect. They can now help those clients with the best solution or even suggest that they get a Microsoft Dynamics server as well.

Can you benefit from this as well? We’ve explained why you should not be scared by the transfer but inspired to bring the same efficiency to your own business. Look into it as well if you want the same success. Perhaps your event management could even use some work.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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