Bottlenecks and MSD Sales

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Bottleneck ExampleToday we’ll be talking about what bottlenecks are and how they can hurt your entire sales process. Even the company as a whole can be hurt by the poor productivity that comes with this phenomenon. IN many cases this is happening and executives do not even realize it. If you have a long-lasting problem with your sales cycle and simply cannot put your finger on the cause then this might be the answer you have been searching for.

Poor performance is at the heart of this. It can be anything from a full department underperforming to just one piece of your network malfunctioning. From small to large all of these add up to create a stop-gap for your company that cuts down on efficiency and vastly increases the time it takes to get any project done. Rooting these out can be somewhat problematic, especially if people are in a mindset that it can be ignored.

Bottlenecks of this type aren’t the normal ones you see with software in hardware. It does however refer to the same type of problem. In a computer when things are running slow due to one part falling behind it is a bottleneck. In a sales organization when sales are being processed slowly or missed due to one person, sector, or missing piece of technology it is also a bottleneck. Same exact sort of premise for these. In a literal bottle it helps to slow the flow of the drink so you can sip at your pace.

Next we’ll study types of these in sales. The first one happens with leads. When there are no leads or each one is confusing, you have a problem at the beginning. Software can help you find initial leads and also organize them. In some companies they have leads, but there are so many bad ones that they need to sort out the good ones. This can be very hard without Microsoft Dynamics CRM or some other program to crunch the data.

A failure to share data can lead to problems as well. If your company cannot share each piece of new information in a few moments or real-time then you may be in trouble. Many executives find out that their current system keeps the information locked up. In that case an upgrade may be in order.

Bottlenecks like this can happen with fundraising software as well. Something as simple as one lazy team member or missing piece of the MSD framework can get in the way. All of these can slow down the vital flow of money which you need to stay in business. Make sure that your people are well-trained and ready to face the challenges of a new, changing market every single day as well.

Solving all these problems is as simple, or as complicated, as the size of the problem itself. You could find out someone is misusing social media. It may lead to some fires and new hires. Or you may need to upgrade your entire sales system. Look at your own setup and find out what works.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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