British Airways and Microsoft Dynamics

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Briitish Airways Plane After 9/11 it wasn’t just American airlines that felt the impact. Sky travel all over the world took a big hit from those tragic events. British Airways was one of these and they had to find a way to stay on top. They chose Microsoft Dynamics to help deal with their 41,000 workers spread throughout the company. Today we want to talk about the various features they still use today and how it helped them get through the hard times.

To understand why they needed this system you must first understand how British Airways serves people. They fly between 75 countries and have more than 37.5 million passengers per year. This is in many ways a logistical nightmare. They have to have data on where they are going and how they are getting there. They also need to keep track of the preferences of their customers in order to give the best experience possible.

The main barrier to integrating all the parts of their company was accessibility. They had no way to access all this information while people are flying. They didn’t have a great way to share it between the various sectors of their company either. Things came from the top down and if you didn’t have the information you were out of luck. This was one reason why Microsoft Dynamics was so appealing to the company. It gave them a solution that could be accessed from nearly anywhere in the world. They studied the company and this is what nearly everyone who worked for them wanted.

So of course they decided to go with Microsoft Dynamics for some of their work but they also used other programs which integrated with these. The first was Office 365. Not only is it extremely easy to integrate this with the other suites but they could put it across a wide variety of devices. This let their people easily use the programs that they had used before like Excel. However it also integrated well with their new systems to share information at a rate they never had before. They could also use it as a grant management system for dealings with the government.

Another program that integrated very well with Microsoft Dynamics was Yammer. It allowed them to create a miniature social network within their company. Not only does this help their employees relate to one another it also let them share information about customer preferences and needs faster. They still use this today in order to share information in a social context.

The next place they are taking this is expanding the systems throughout all their branches across the world. This takes a bit more time than just setting it up in Britain but it is not that hard since they all work together so well in order to improve the whole setting.

This goes to show that no matter what you are looking for something integrates with the core products for you. You just have to decide which pieces fit best into the puzzle of your company and make it work for your various employees.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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