CareFlite MSD Spotlight

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CareFlite LogoCareFlite has a very unique business setup that they use to aid medical facilities. With this setup planning was crucial because at best a mistake could waste time along with money. At worst it could mean someone died before they could get proper treatment. While one stake may be higher than the other they really could not afford to have either happen. So they decided to use Microsoft Dynamics to improve their entire process.

CareFlite is a company with a huge fleet of aircraft from planes to helicopters. They also have a large number of ground transport vehicles as well. While they started just doing small, peaceful runs they eventually moved up to covering 911 emergencies. This meant that they had to change a lot of the ways in which they did business. Donor management software takes on a new meaning when you are donating organs.

The company section that most needed it though was the accounting division. As anyone who has paid medical bills knows they can both add up and get really confusing. Their accounting division was having trouble keeping track of the volume of work. So they eventually decided on Microsoft Dynamics GP. They also worked with a separate host to handle it on the outside. You may want to consider a solution like this yourself if you do not have the internal services to take care of it.

This was spurred on by a huge increase in the number of workers they used. Instead of having a much smaller force they decided to have a huge one. They grew up to a size of about 450 employees. This was much larger for them and the chains of command were getting a bit tangled in that case. This was another reason why they needed Microsoft Dynamics to help make everything easier.

Once it was all installed they could finally manage their finances in a much easier way. This allowed them to see where they were making and losing money in the long run which led to even more growth over time.

Their next goal was to use the new Microsoft Dynamics GP system to improve productivity all over the company. In the case of those saving lives being unproductive can have some seriously dangerous problems. They also subscribed to the “Business Ready Enhancement Plan” which many companies go with. It’s basically a program which allows a company to upgrade at a reduced cost later on if they need it.

As a result the company has a lot more security in where their data was going. They knew it was flowing well from one department to another. They knew what was going on. As far as more clients, well, it isn’t really about that in this business. People will always need medical care. It’s more about your overall quality instead of how many people you can bring in. It’s not as if a company could encourage more people to get hurt to draw business.

Now they serve more than 100 counties in their area and easily dominate the nearby market. Hopefully your own business could achieve the same domination.




Author: Walter McDaniel

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