Celluphone Improves their Entire Process with Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Celluphone Sample PhonesWireless phone distribution is an industry that is on fire right now. With emerging markets there is just going to be more and more demand. Celluphone was a growing company when it first integrated Microsoft Dynamics AX in order to handle the massive volume of products that they were going to be shipping out to people in a huge number of areas.

They were the very first authorized agent for Verizon Wireless. They provide the hardware that Verizon sells you at a marked up cost. In many ways they are the wholesaler that provides things to so many people. With the huge popularity of cellphones today they have had massive success.

Microsoft Dynamics AX was the obvious choice because it is by far the best solution for shipping for distributors. So many other companies like them use the exact same solution. Nothing else would have really worked right for them because other CRM for project management software isn’t robust enough and GP doesn’t do exactly what they need.

Database integration was one area in which things changed. They managed to create a total database that both internal employees and dealers could check out for inventory. They could do this at any different point in real time so that they could get the best information and order everything they needed very quickly.

This system allowed them to also put out their own brand to other dealers. Independent franchises can now get the product on the side which allowed them to greatly increase their profits.

Microsoft Dynamics AX also allowed them to cut down on unnecessary jobs in their workforce which is something many companies see happen when they switch to it. It bears repeating because of how much success and efficiency is garnered from such a thing, in this case efficiency jumped up by about 40 percent around the company.

Recently they have updated systems and expanded the ability of dealers to access their info. They also have informational tools about the competition to insure that they are chosen over others. It is important to make your clients feel that you are giving them a competitive edge in any age.

Their Microsoft Dynamics AX network also allowed them to integrate with other servers and improve their personal support to people. This was also powered by MS server technology which made the experience even faster and more efficient. This really gives everyone involved an additional edge. The very same system also allows them to gather direct feedback on what products are selling and what ones aren’t.

Without companies like this there would not be enough supply to meet the rising demand for the latest cellphones and equipment. It’s a part of life we take for granted and they are a corporation like many of the ones that we deal with themselves.

Can you grow and improve your own information gathering from Microsoft Dynamics AX or another member of the family? We would argue that you probably could. You probably have some ideas about that forming right now.



Author: Walter McDaniel

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