Central Service Association

Central Service Association

Tupelo, Mississippi USA (HQ)

In 1937, Central Service Association (CSA) was born of a cooperative effort by new utility distributors to create a method of using centralized expertise to perform utility customer billing and other joint services that were determined as useful to the efficient operation of these new utilities. Today, CSA is still owned and controlled by the utilities that use the services of the Association. The Association is operated without profit and solely for the benefit of its member/owners.

What began as a billing service has grown into an association offering a very comprehensive range of modern, computerized information systems to assist in all areas of utility operations and management.

Today, our Orbit customer, financial and work management systems represent the latest technology and the greatest value in the IT arena. In addition, the Association offers UtiliTrak GIS/mapping software, professional and consulting services, networking, Internet services, hardware and software sales, related supplies and printed forms, employee benefit plans, and other assistance incident to the provision of support to public utilities.

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