How Charlotte, NC Improved their Government

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Charlotte, NC SkylineCharlotte, NC has become a hotbed of politics for the entire nation. With this comes new challenges for the leaders and also more people flooding into the city that need management. Due to this they needed a new way to organize their city initiatives. Microsoft Dynamics CRM eventually became their choice for this.

One major fact which spurred this change was the news that the 2012 Democratic National Convention was going to be there. An event that large necessitates huge changes in any city due to the thousands of people who inevitably pour in to make connections and work in politics themselves. Anyone who has a chance to go or a vested interest in politics had ample reason to look into this as well. City planning needed to be taken to a completely different level in order to handle all of this.

The customizable nature of this system appealed to them from early on because it allowed them to change anything they needed in order to meet the new tourism demands. While the city was certainly not a small one it was not a huge metropolis like some of the other places which hosted the convention in the past so they had to prepare in many new ways for all of this and this was one of them. This was simply not going to work with the many manual setups that they had in place which needed personal attention from each worker. Automation was the real solution.

Permits for vendors and also hosts in the area were extremely important. They manage to automate everything in that area so that individuals did not have to sort through mountains of paperwork over time. Cloud applications were also very important to them because it allowed them to manage everything across multiple branches as well. This is something that any government organization can see the benefit of.

Ease of use was another reason they chose it because they did not want to train the huge number of city employees as well. Some of them could even use Microsoft Outlook to work with the information being gathered which meant that they didn’t really even need to learn anything new. That was quite handy and saved them money in the long term as well.

As with any government they must track a large number of users who need their service from individuals to businesses. The automatic protocols allowed them to properly track all of these and make sure that every fine was paid and all permits were filed as well. This helped increase revenue for the city in a number of different ways.

It also allowed them to manage big events for years to come. This meant that they could track sporting events and other major, somewhat troublesome events on entirely new levels as well. This led to a much easier time for the employees involved since they no longer had to do many of the more monotonous tasks that could sometimes be a part of their job. Down the road social insights will be useful as well.

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