Choosing a Microsoft Dynamics Reseller

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Microsoft Dynamics Certified for Resale LogoMicrosoft Dynamics does not always come from Microsoft. There is a world of resellers out there who are offering you the “absolute best deal” and you have to sort through them. We want to help make that process easier for you with some considerations and tips for picking. Hopefully the whole reseller situation will be a little bit less confusing after this.

One thing to consider when choosing a Microsoft Dynamics reseller is how much expertise and installation you need. Some providers give you the whole package from software to hardware to final setup. However such providers often charge a premium fee for such premium service. If you have staff on-hand who can handle it and hardware to host it then you can save quite a bit.

You may also want to buy Microsoft Dynamics services from multiple providers. You may want to get the software from one place, Hardware from another and service from another. This can save you a lot of money but can lead to headaches before, during and after the selection. Many resellers do not play well with each other as they are essentially fighting with each other for a living. You want to find the best accounting software for associations you can.

So what is the upside to this confusing and complicated process? Competition in the Microsoft Dynamics software arena is fierce. Not only does Salesforce attempt to snipe their efforts (search Microsoft Dynamics Resellers and they’ll sometimes be in sponsored results) but individual companies compete fiercely for your dollar. This means that if you look for a bit you can probably find some great offers at a low cost.

Some places also offer extensive consulting. This may be quite useful for some and absolutely useless for others. Make sure you find out what level of consulting your company needs when using Microsoft Dynamics. That level for some companies may turn out to be none.

Of course you can always go straight with Microsoft themselves. Be sure to compare them to the smaller companies first and find out who is going to offer you the best deal for the same product.

The next consideration is that not all resellers offer the same products. One may offer Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL and CRM but not AX. Different resellers have different packages based on who they cater to. See who their other customers are. If they are in the same industry as you then you are probably in good company.

Be sure to look over the reviews for the company. As with any resellers many of these are out to do their best and others are out to offer you the product at the lowest cost to themselves. If the price is way too low for the industry then you should do a double-take. This part of business is no different than any other and you can get ripped off.

The best way to determine your needs is to look at and interview your workforce. Then ask your reseller to cater the price to that. Many will help you.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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