Choosing Microsoft Dynamics Vendors

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Vendors-Mainframe-ImageBuying Microsoft Dynamics software can be very complicated. First you have to dig through the huge number of types. Then you have to choose a vendor which makes it even more complicated. Vendors have their own set of requirements to remain profitable. Today we want discuss how vendors set their prices and what it means for you when you are shopping.

The first thing to realize is that vendors of all types, including nonprofit accounting software vendors, get their packages from Microsoft. They then mark these up and may sell hardware or support in order to get their bottom line up. This means that you may find a wide variety of price packages for Microsoft Dynamics that you will have to sift through.

The first place to look is consumer reviews. Do they have a good reputation with satisfied companies who have put them on their own sites? Or do they seem to have a variety of press on the internet that you cannot substantiate? Look very closely and clearly at how they have handled the promotions for their Microsoft Dynamics packages.

At the same time you have to watch out for mudslinging by competitors. The amount of money involved in this industry is absolutely massive. You may find a large amount of bad information about the products. Try to look at reputable sites including the Better Business Bureau in order to get the best picture.

Next you need to inspect the package itself. Try to look for companies that offer free support beyond what Microsoft brings. You will pay extra going to the core company. If they charge extra for support themselves then you are going to have to pay for more and more costs. Try to find an alternative to doing that.

Software is fine but hardware also matters. If you find that their costs are very low it may turn out that they do not provide the hardware themselves. This can be a massive cost to you if that is the case. At the same time you need someone to maintain said hardware which will often be at your company. You either have to go with someone who offers a package for that or train some internal employees who can handle it. Both choices have pros and cons that you will have to weigh yourself.

The final thing to look for is what Microsoft Dynamics packages they are experts of. If they only know a lot about Microsoft Dynamics CRM then that is going to do you no good when you want Microsoft Dynamics GP. The same is true for any other package. See if other customers have received the exact package you want from them along with good quality.

Big money is involved when you are choosing a Microsoft Dynamics vendor so take your time with it. Do not be pulled in by slick promises without anything to back them up. Go with a provider who can give you a complete solution to all your needs.




Author: Walter McDaniel

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