Comparing ERP between the Programs

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Microsoft Dynamics VSThe Microsoft Dynamics family has a wide variety of ERP options between the programs. Each one has various qualities that make it useful. Today we want to go over the various options you have. Today we will be comparing SL, GP, NAV and AX.

The first thing to go over is what they have in common. They each have an easy-to-use interface that your employees learn them quickly. All of them can be accessed from all over your company in order to integrate your sectors. They each have normal updates that are released regularly. Each one is also highly customizable. They have a variety of different menus you can set up. Finally each one runs on a windows based SQL server which stores and controls the data. Not all of them are equally suited for CRM for professional services.

Now let us go down each one specifically. Microsoft Dynamics SL is best for smaller companies. It deals best with projects and distribution. It easily allows a smaller company to track their costs and employee productivity. It also helps them group their processes. It’s especially useful for cutting down paperwork for your team and can save a lot of time.

GP is yet another one that is quite useful for small and mid-sized companies. It’s quite easy to set up and can scale easily. It has excellent reporting options as well. This particular one can even set up options for service tickets and employee payroll.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is for mid-sized companies. It caters nearly exclusively to distribution and supply chain users. It’s highly customizable and can keep track of orders. It can also be put on multiple sites in several different languages. This is a great choice for those with smaller offices in other countries as well.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is for those who need a bigger solution. It’s designed to be set up by international organizations. It is easy to set up in a huge number of languages and also be extended across hundreds of locations.

So as you can see there is an answer for each need that you may have. However something else to consider is how much computing power you have. Just like any other system your SQL server has to be able to handle the amount of data that is being pushed through it. You should discuss how much you need with whatever company you may buy the software from.

Our final piece of advice is to make sure to buy one for the company you will grow into. If you’re going to the top then you should go to AX. If you’re going to stay mid-size try NAV. Also get the one that fits your business. If you are a service industry then you probably will not need NAV to keep track of a huge inventory. You will however need it if you decide to radically grow your business or change what you do.

No matter which one you pick they are all quite flexible for most companies. Research them yourself and choose the best one.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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