Covast Services Corporation

Covast Services Corporation

Atlanta, Georgia USA

Covast, a leading provider of business-to-business integration solutions, is revolutionizing supply chain integration through the world’s first B2B integration appliance – the Covast BBOT. Requiring only a local area network with internet connection, BBOT automatically enables integration between the complex B2B systems of large supply chain hubs and their smaller customers and suppliers. The result is improved visibility, compliance, efficiency and accuracy for every supply chain. Covast is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

We fully understand the integration issues that enterprises face. And, we know that you want to protect your investment in legacy systems. That’s why we’ve engineered integration software that simplifies the complexity of connecting, translating and sharing electronic documents with your customers and trading partners. Solutions that ensure secure and reliable connectivity to the Internet and to VANs. And, products that seamlessly translate complex file formats and documents.

By streamlining how businesses connect to the world, we’re making B2B integration simple, closing the gap from EDI to XML, and finally eliminating the roadblocks to truly collaborative information exchange.

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