Creating Timesheets with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Microsoft Dynamics Pay Rate Control Microsoft Dynamics NAV is often touted for the huge variety of things it can do at once. One new feature is timesheets. This one ties into all the other calculations to help you find out which workers are doing the most for your company over time. This versatile feature lets your skilled workers keep track of their workday and those of their co-workers.

So how does this work? The skilled workers simply put in how many hours they worked at a time and adjust them for anything like breaks, etc. They can also do so for their team and change them as it goes. They can even invoice time towards your customers if they are working on a consultant basis. This is a great invoice system that helps with Client retention for services companies.

What if not all of your employees are quite honest? That’s another feature that Microsoft Dynamics NAV has down very easily. You can put levels of managers that can oversee them. Managers can also make comments around the entries in order to improve employee work habits. They can also reject incorrect ones and let the workers know they need to change them somehow in order to approve them.

Once the sheets are in it can send data to all your other systems. This means you will see it on your cost forecast and you can even set up automatic payment for your employees. This not only gives you excellent control over payment but also shows you the bigger picture. Some companies are dying by paying employees for work that is not done.

Of course in a system like this you want to be careful. If you have too many managers looking over the Microsoft Dynamics NAV reports it can slow things down. At the same time if some of them turn out to be corrupt they can approve timesheets for themselves or others that pay too much. You have to find the right balance between control and automatic payment for yourself.

How do you find this balance? By hiring a budget expert to look it all over. Or you may be one yourself. In either case you need someone to look at how much is going out for your timesheets and find areas of weakness that you can repair over time. In the long run this will save you time and money.

You may find that you do actually have some corrupt workers who fake their timesheets. Microsoft Dynamics NAV can show you areas where things simply do not add up. This can help you find those who are taking advantage of the company. While firing some people can be difficult it is much more dangerous to allow C and D list workers to take advantage of your company.

The system also has working hours which keeps employees from getting out of control. If they work over or under these you can see those and decide what to do accordingly. This system gives you more control than ever over the hours your employees work and how much you pay them.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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