Crowe Horwath and Continued Growth

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Crowe Howarth LogoCrowe Horwath was experiencing unbelievable growth and ran into the same problem many companies do. They didn’t have an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics to insure everything would keep working right well into the future. So they went and got a system that would work for them. Integration with other systems in the company was extremely important as well and their choice helped them manage everything at once.

They realized they had a problem when their employees did not want to use their Onyx system. To be fair the system was quite outdated and somewhat hard to use for the employees so it was only natural that something like that would happen. It was 15 years old and their people just were not picking it up and using it at all. In fact many of their licenses were just not being used and productivity was suffering because of it. Nonprofit accounting was just one of the things they improved.

Before they finally settled on a solution they weighed against Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It really came down to the fact that they were already using MS products on a large scale. Salesforce just does not have the same integration that they needed.

From there they had to set everything up on their servers and start using the whole setup. It only took them a bit of time to get it set up although they had to take some time out for the tax season. This quick integration with all their programs really helped them set everything up.

Once it was all done they could use Outlook with Microsoft Dynamics along with their other programs. Most importantly it was all fairly easy to use for their people as well which saved them a lot of trouble setting everything up and figuring it all out.

This lead to a lot of improvements around the company. The most important one was that they were finally getting the information that they needed in order to promote everything. That was something which had been missing for quite some time in the cycle of their company.

Another interesting feature is that they created their own app for accessing this information. If you have the staff to do it this might be an avenue that you want to go down. No one knows what is best for your company better than the people who work there. Why wait for someone else to come and sell you a solution down the line? You can do it yourself.

Their consultants have also started adopting Microsoft Dynamics on a much larger scale as well. They have around 800 of them working with it. New ones can also be trained in the system in about one week. The Onyx system took quite a bit more time to teach, around a month.

If your company is on an outdated system or one that does not work with you then you should weigh your options. You have quite a few from partners to software packages and it is a buyer’s market right now.



Author: Walter McDaniel

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