Dedicated Fundraising Software vs Microsoft Dynamics

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Alternative Fundraising Software ExampleThe market abounds with advertisements that promise to help you handle your fundraising and accounting in general. Microsoft Dynamics is one of these and can get drowned out in the crowd at times. So we are going to take a look at your options are in this area and how they compare to each other. By the end you should have a much better understanding of how it all fits together in your own setup.

When you are first selecting something for your organization you should, as always, look at the size you are currently at and where you want to go from there. If you are planning for massive growth you may want to go ahead and buy a more powerful system. If you are planning on keeping things small you may even be able to make do with Office programs to take stock of all your information. By figuring this information out you will have excellent guidelines to follow for future projects.

The number of programs that fall into the fundraising software category is huge. Most of them are simple and small, they don’t have nearly the overall power of Microsoft Dynamics. If you want to expand things to a higher level then you will need to go with a bigger solution. So you should talk with your people and figure out where you want everything to go.

Go over all the features when someone is trying to sell you on a project. Look at the price and what discounts they will be giving you. The software being offered runs the gamut from completely terrible to absolutely amazing so it can be a bit complicated. As always make sure that they can deliver on everything they have promised. This holds true even if you are talking with an MSD partner.

An expensive and fully dedicated solution is not always going to be better than Microsoft Dynamics. This is because even in this situation they are not prepared for all sectors of payment. From receipt to taxes an MSD system can also handle and crunch all the information which you could possibly need. It’s a system that can grow with you.

There is of course another great place to turn to and that’s free open-source software for charities. This is obviously completely free and is developed with customizations for your nonprofit setting. Even businesses should look into this if they have fundraising needs. We suggest this because it’s a great way to get a starter service if you cannot afford a larger one. It can help you early on until you can grow into a place you are comfortable in.

Those also end up falling within different levels of quality as well. So make sure that you weigh these out. Not all programmers are equally skilled and the same goes for the groups they form into. Look at their previous work much as you would with a new employee to see whether they are going to do a great job for you.


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