Distant Lands Coffee Improves with MSD

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Distant Lands Coffee BoxDistant Lands coffee is a small company growing with the flexible license options of MSD. Their story gives us a look at how a very small company can save money and still grow in a number of ways by choosing the most affordable system. It also has all the features which they would need in order to make sure orders go out when they are needed. Efficiency and utility are the names of the game when it comes to what has become a highly competitive market for coffee.

In ages gone by coffee was a bit of a delicacy. Some parts of the world had virtually no access to it. Today though everyone in the developed work can acquire it. This has led to an incredibly competitive environment for the popular drink. Distant Lands is just one of many different producers seeking to put out an incredibly high-quality coffee product. So they chose Microsoft Dynamics GP in order to manage all of their orders effectively.

Light User licensing helps them stay within budget as a small company while still managing the incredible power of MSD GP. With this they only have to pay a small amount when each bill comes in but they still receive the massive delivery management power that they need. As with any other sort of agreement they also get all of their information on product popularity and access in real time as well.

Their story is not uncommon either. Many smaller companies decide to go with this model because of the affordable cost. You can also scale up the licenses later as you grow which is a big plus for most businesspeople. What does stand out is their actual process. They own half of the creation process which is actually quite large for any company. Most manufacturers only manage a small part of any creation.

All of the Microsoft Dynamics GP features allow them to control costs down to the last cent. This is important because they only have about 500 employees. According to their results it is all working excellently and will lead to future growth for the company. The license they use can also expand as the company grows larger which makes it a clear choice for those who manage the company as well.

Accounting software for non profit organizations is handy for them as they actually help raise more than a million dollars a year for charity. Keeping track of all this is very important because the funds need to get where they are needed. Otherwise some people could move the funds where they are not supposed to go. While this is only a thought it has happened with other businesses many times so they have probably thought about this within the company as well.

So what does this show? Even a very small company can easily grow their business with the correct ERP system. Is MSD the correct system for you? Only you would know that so keep it in mind and do your homework, on this site if possible.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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