Durham Constabulary Improves Police Work with MSD

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Durham Constubalary Interior ImageDurham Constabulary has a reputation for success and excellence in policing. It’s no wonder that they decided to improve their program all around with the addition of advanced technology from Microsoft and their Dynamics CRM suite. We’ll go over how they use this to improve the entire legal process and where it could go in the future as well. It seems that many parts of European governments are buying CRM and ERP technology. It’ll only increase in demand from here as well.

First and foremost it’s a huge resource for officers. They can check everything from a suspect to a vehicle someone drives in a routine traffic check. They can now see more information than ever so that they can tell whether it’s just a legitimate citizen or a dangerous offender. That can make the difference between saving someone’s life and drastically inconveniencing someone who was simply minding their own business.

Accounting software for non profit organizations is another use for that. After all, the police aren’t there to make money but need funding anyway. So they can track how much they will be spending and what they need to take in. After all no UK entity is made of money. Even with the best intentions you can’t do anything if all of your money runs out.

Previously finding the most useful data was a big problem both for police and social workers. They had multiple search systems and it really slowed down the whole process. When you consider that some of those they help are at-risk children you probably understand why that could be a problem as well. No one knows how many people slipped through the cracks due to legacy systems.

Old systems were a huge problem with them because they were leaving data scattered. By creating single case files for all of their “clients” they can track them through every single step of the process. This applies both to victims and perpetrators as well. So the upgrade was very badly needed here and improved their efficiency in dozens of ways. They are now known as one of the best police departments in the entire country, a country which has had some enforcement problems in recent years.

There are also many other ways that the upgrade improved police work there. International perpetrators could also be tracked in this way. When you consider the incredibly complicated situation Europe is in. Due to the fact that there are so many different countries within the area many perpetrators can cause massive problems. They can also jump from one area to another or even flee to India or America in some cases. With their new info they can track these people better than ever.

It’s hard to quantify just who has improved by using all of this. Unlike in a normal business when it comes to police work someone might die if the data is not there for officers to look over. If just one person or child was saved by this then it was a success.



Author: Walter McDaniel

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