Edwin Watts Golf and Microsoft Dynamics

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Edwin Watts Golf LogoEdwin Watts Golf somehow became a major company without having a decent ERP system. They were in the dark about a huge amount of items. They chose Microsoft Dynamics AX combined with the Point of Sale functionality in order to greatly improve their efficiency. They are now a massive retailer with locations all over North America and in some other areas as well.

One major improvement is inventory. Each store now knows what inventory other stores have. If a customer wants a specific model they can find it either in another store or in a warehouse. This tracking information allows their sales team to deliver the best product. It also integrates with their website so customers can find information on products themselves and know which ones are available at the time.

Microsoft Dynamics AX also works well with the powerful SQL Server that they maintain. In a company where their inventory can change drastically over the course of each hour this is vitally important. Depending on the location of the store clubs can either sit for quite some time or fly off the shelves as seasons or customer demographics change. They have to know this on the fly so they can move sets of clubs around.   Prospect engagement for services companies is something equally useful to companies that sell tangible goods like this one.

This helps avoid the number one thing golfers hate, a company being out of stock on a club or ball. Many clients have a specific brand or even specific model that they prefer above others. If they can get them this they may have a customer for life. If they cannot then someone else may have just gained a customer for life.

This information is even more important because this is an industry where big money is spent. If a customer buys a set of clubs worth $2,000 then the company needs to know that. Microsoft Dynamics AX can tell them that and show them where sales are slumping.

This solution is also a multichannel business solution. What does that mean? It means that they needed one system that could handle vendors, inventory and even third party dealers among other things. This one can handle all of those at once without getting overwhelmed.

Edwin Watts Golf also had a very unique situation and the individual customization of Microsoft Dynamics AX was perfect for them. In many ways they act as a high-end pawn shop. They take in clubs from reputable people and sell them to other reputable people. This is a very different situation from a grocery store or car chain.

They needed a national approach and this system was perfect for it. It could scale with additional servers and new stores. If they ever go truly global it is also ready for them. They are close to a mid-size than large retailer but are steadily moving into the highest production values. The day will come when they globalize over time. You can look at them and find out where you own future lies which can help you decide on a system to use.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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