Effectively Using Microsoft Dynamics

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Microsoft Partner LevelsSo now you have done the research and have figured out that you need a system like Microsoft Dynamics. Perhaps you have even gone out and bought one of these various systems. Now comes the hard part: figuring out how to most effectively use it in your company. Misuse of such a product can waste time, money and effort. Even worse it can cause your own employees to become frustrated that it is even around in the first place. We want to give you some tips on using your system to make things easier.

The first step is training your salespeople or at least your top people. The big secret is that the majority of your company does not need to know how to use it for it to be helpful. However your top executives and managers need to all know how to use the system. Pay for top-quality training programs for Microsoft Dynamics if need be. They are where the information needs to go and they are also the people who will benefit from it. If you make sure this initial step works out right you can reap huge benefits later on.

The second step is to hire an “administrator” or “system master” for it. You need one person who is exceptionally skilled with the system in particular. The reasons for this are manifold: If a member needs additional training in Microsoft Dynamics or a similar program they can go to them. They can also tell utility workers when some part of the system is malfunctioning. Finally they can act as an adviser to the executives and other members. Not only does such a person calm people down and instill confidence but they can also tell you how many additional products to buy. Indeed they may even tell you that your system is perfect as it is and you do not need to buy anymore.

Once your training is in place there is one final step that many executives overlook. Your people have to accept this new way of doing things. If they decide that they do not like it they will not use it as soon as you look away. This leads to things such as incomplete data sets that only give you part of the picture. Some of the training may even be for association management software which can require some very specific skills in order to use without becoming frustrated. Make sure that they have these specific skills.

So how do you instill faith in Microsoft Dynamics or whatever other system you choose? It falls on the administrator and other executives. Have them show their coworkers how it actually makes their work easier. Have them explain how complicated nuances aren’t so hard after all. If you can do this effectively your employees will do better work and have more faith in your system. In the end the way you do it is up to you but creating a positive workflow system can increase your bottom-line drastically.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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