Examining the Basildon Borough Council's CRM Situation

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Basildon MapWe usually hear about government projects after they are done but one U.K. area is setting it up right now. If you are in a government position it may do you some good to learn about why they chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM and how they are going to use it to improve their entire service setup. It seems that some form of ERP is becoming normal for nearly every government in every developed nation so don’t fall behind.

The Basildon Borough Council located near Essex for those who know their geography, have begun deploying the system to speed up how the city runs. With more people alive than ever more people are complaining about the governmental inefficiency which has always been part of the developed world. New solutions are needed in this age.

The decided to go with a CRM consultant for their project who helped them get everything set up in their Microsoft Dynamics CRM network in a very short time. They probably needed to do something like this because most governmental agencies do not have the experts needed to set everything up. You probably don’t have everything you need either so this might be an excellent choice for your own organization as well.

This setup comes along with a media campaign to turn the public’s attention towards the new improvement. After all if people don’t know you’ve improved they will probably just assume everything is the same. Even in this sector advertising is important.

One major reason for the shift from their old systems to Microsoft Dynamics CRM was that their older systems were not scalable as their city grew and had greater needs. It could not accommodate the expansion of people settling down there which is certainly something every successful politician has to deal with.

This growth came in about 680K telephone calls each year and around 84K personal visits. While it sounds like a large number for an average person cities like this get these numbers or higher all the time and often turn to specialized care systems in order to take some of the workload off of their people.

On a not terribly surprising note they set up a few key services first. 13 of them including collection requests and services for abandoned vehicles were among them. Perhaps the most basics aspects that were improved were the normal garbage collection and cleaning duties of the city. They may be simple things but they are also some of the things most complained about by people in cities. While it isn’t quite done yet when everything is installed customers will be able to simply go online to file reports about problems. Nonprofit accounting software options are on the horizon as well so people can make donations to city run charities.

Al these additions have made the city much more efficient and profitable. Now slackers in the system can be rooted out and disciplined. People can get their garbage picked up on time and a bit of the grumbling we’ve all done in the past can be alleviated somewhat. Is it a completely perfect system for everything? Not yet but we are getting awfully close with some of our systems.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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