Exploring the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web Client

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CRM ClientThe Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Web Client is an amazing useful thing for your company. It allows you to share information all over your company and even all over the world. It’s an essential feature for any company that has branches all over any country.

The first way this interface works is that it integrates with your Office, Mail and many other programs. You can share data from an excel document and from an e-mail. It goes into the system and is processed, allowing everyone to check out the information from anywhere. This information can be anything from fiscal amounts to e-mails of clients. You can even put training courses which can be shared.

Speaking of training courses the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Web Client handles much more than raw numbers. Your employees can mail and talk on the fly. They can look at training information or share a picture with a client. All of this information is easily accessible from anywhere with a web connection. The value of this is incalculable. Client management for services companies is just one thing this system helps.

So what does all this mean? It means that no matter where anyone is in the world they have everything they need for each project. Even things they didn’t realize they needed for a project can be pulled up on the fly for clients without much trouble.

Contact methods and other access can also be given to any worker or client as you see fit. It’s rather foolish to give full access to everyone but it can be very useful to give it to some people.

The only downside to this, as with any ERP System, is that if inaccurate information gets in it can be a problem. Make sure that your people are properly trained. Also do not give access to anyone who would have reason to give misinformation. This is rather easily done with passwords and other options.

Of course if someone does put it in you have to be careful. This system lets you change virtually every bit of information in it on the fly. This means if someone has access they can decide to say, add curse words instead of phone numbers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be changed to stop some of this but no system is perfect. Be very careful because they can wreck your database in a matter of hours.

This flexibility however gives some serious benefits to your company. It means that your people can work from home or be called in for consulting while they are on vacation. Of course in this category you should once again be careful. Some employees simply do not care enough to work when they are needed.

Linked devices such as Outlook and many other ones also feed into this system. While this is certainly powerful you also cannot be careless with it. So what is the only downside to this? It’s not really suitable for massive organizations. You need a stronger solution in the same family. The upside is that it’s easy and flexible.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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