Exploring the MSD Configuration Migration Utility

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MSD Configuration Data

The Microsoft Dynamics Configuration Migration tool is a big addition to 2013 and up editions that has proven very useful for many different companies. You may want to use it for your own setup as well so you may want to consider your options there as well. It is one of many different options you have that helps you better manage the system as a whole. Many customers find that there is more to access than they ever realized before.

Fortunately for everyone who has the last update you get it for free and can download it to add to your own setup. If you have not heard about it you have now. Those who use the system heavily would be well informed to check for unexpected updates which have come out for free. Some are not always included in the main package so you may have to look around for them. Free resources are one of the best ways you can save money.

Donor management software and many other custom options can be carried over by using this. In fact almost all of your settings can be wrapped up into a smaller version and carried across multiple companies. It is an incredible way to share your information between company branches as you may have found one setup of data that works perfectly and you want to use it all over the entire corporation.

Those with older editions should note that it is not yet available. You will have to wait for it to come in or switch to another version before you get it. While unfortunate this is a somewhat common process with the family so you should figure out which one is right for you before you pick one that you will be using for years on end. If you find out you’ve made the wrong choice you can change but it could cost you extra.

Fortunately a journeyman in Microsoft Dynamics can handle the process easily because there is a deployment tool which packages the information from your existing system. They can then take it to another one and put all the data up in very short order as well. With a few simple read-me files you can do this without any trouble at all.

The wealth of data which you can move with this is significant. It creates a schematic which can be moved around in a variety of forms from data sets to Office 365 files. Since all of the formats are supported by the core company they will read between the systems very easily. You can simply use an external hard drive or other storage device to easily move these to wherever you need them at any given time. As such they are an extremely efficient form of transfer.

You could theoretically even put them on a cloud but that may be too risky for your sensitive information. Only you know how much security your network has and what can be shared on it so consider the options.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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