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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Menu

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM team has been constantly posting small bits of information about the upcoming release of the 2015 edition. We’ll tell you what we know so far and discuss how it could help you as well. We know quite a few things and we’ll share them with you. For those who are already connected you can expect to get this before too long and should therefore be ready for all of the changes which can come with it.

So what is the core of this new update? Bringing sellers and marketers together. They want to bring advertising and closing together into one coherent package. While the two are certainly connected there has been a push for many years to make each one part of the other. Today many people train heavily in both aspects in order to make sure that they can properly understand the market as a whole.

Accounting software for non profit organizations can also benefit from this system. Since they often have just as many different aspects to work on when managing their funding they need the same things and can grow from those exact same options. If you work in this area then you may want to look into all the various options you have here. You may find that you have all the things you need at your fingertips.

As with any sort of new technology product there will likely be some bugs. However you can be sure that they will be working very hard to make sure that all of these are fixed over time and that you get the updates in a quick manner which will allow you to properly handle everything in short order. You should keep this in mind but it should not dissuade you from trying the new setup since these new options are all setup for the current industry.

New integration options with Office 365, Yammer, Lync, Skype, SharePoint and Power BI are all part of this new setup. As such more than ever before this is a total solution for your business contained within the Microsoft Dynamics package. Over time they want all of their products to move in this direction so that you can simply go to one place in order to find everything you need in short order.

Division information sharing is yet another area in which the program has been improved. As such you can expect even more options for trading everything during this time. This goes against some of the cloud philosophy that we have seen before. Instead of separating options they want to bring them all together into one coherent system.

Email, testing and collaboration have all been improved in the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 release and therefore allow you to communicate better than ever before. Language options have now also been added for those running international setups as well. Japanese and Russian buyers can benefit from this as well since this is the first time they have gotten options specifically in their own languages.

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