Ezdan Holding Group Manages Finance with MSD

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Ezdan Holding Group LogosEzdan Holding Group is a major player in Middle Eastern finance. At the heart of the trading scene there they stand poised to become a world superpower once the region stabilizes. While that is something many scholars debate to this day they are still doing very well with their management of United States capital which has put them in the Forbes Global 2000 index. This index is only for those who have risen to the top of their industries in any given area.

The business first started in Qatar which was an area which saw a lot of incredible growth due to the business dealings and oil trade near there. With a huge amount of development around this area they quickly grew into a superpower of business there. Far from just being an investment business they now have holdings in Real Estate, Hotels and Malls. All of these are massively profitable sectors in any thriving area, which Qatar has been many times in recent history.

With a distinctly middle-eastern flair the company manages huge stockpiles of wealth. In order to handle all of this they needed a stronger system for tracking finance. They examined many different ERP systems since they could afford each one. Microsoft Dynamics eventually became their choice. Due to the massive amount of information which flows through all of their investment properties every day they went with the AX model, always known for handling an incredible amount of information.

A somewhat fragmented business was one problem for them. While they communicated between the different sectors they didn’t do it quite as fast as they would like. MSD’s options for integration and consolidation were invaluable in sharing the information between all of these so that they could see the whole picture. Once everything was done they could now see the whole picture of their profits and losses over time.

Donor management software can be useful for them both in tracking certain projects and for individual investors as well. Since some of their clients could have a vested interest in this as well there are many ways in which this could help them.

Customized tools on the platform also allowed them to better sort the data better than ever before. In real time they can now see just what changes they need to make in order to continue growing in this market. This is essential because they are not the only big company jockeying for position in the limited area of Qatar. Other industry leaders have also used this effectively such as Hitachi. While there is certainly plenty of land in the area not all of it is in good enough condition to be turned into a commodity.

Today they use all of these to remain near the top of the financial districts. They are prepared for the worst happening but if the Middle East takes a positive turn they could become a world superpower due to their massive holdings and profits that they have garnered from their new efficiency. We can only guess where this company is going to go in the future.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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