Facebook Advertising For Software Marketing Professionals

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Most organizations don’t know how to get their advertising in front of CEO’s and IT professionals. With minimum ad runs at $5, the untapped goldmine may be paid ads in Facebook’s feed. Because Facebook indexes so much personal information, there are tricks and tips to get in front of decision makers with calls to action, offers and branding.

1) The first step involves selecting an objective of your ad, which ranges from linking to your website, linking to a Facebook app, generating more likes for your page, and more. Choose “Send people to your website”


2) Once you select an objective, Facebook will ask for a link to your objective, such as a URL, a page, or other sites. Input the target in this box and hit “Continue”


3) Based on your selected settings for creating the ad, the ad can vary in effectiveness and price. The next step in creating your ad involves identifying your ad’s target audience. Although a broad audience will reach more people, having a more specific ad has a higher likelihood that the ad will go to people interested in the ad. Narrow down the ad by location, age range, language, interests, work industry, and more demographics listed on Facebook’s ad creator. This is probably the most important aspect of the ads ROI. In this case we would want to reach out to “CEO”‘s, & “IT” decsion makers.


4) Facebook will ask you how much you would pay per day to have the ad up. It goes without saying that the more you pay, the more people Facebook will show the ad to. Other options here include how often to run the ad, what times of the day to run the ad, and what statistics to track when end users click the ad. Start the ad with as little as $5.00 and run it for as little as 24 hrs.


5) If you have images you would like to use for your ad, you will have the opportunity to upload them here. Ads can appear as a sole photo that rotates between the uploaded photos, or as multiple photos in a row that end users would have to scroll through to see. Typically the sole photo generates more clicks, but results vary depending on the audience.


6) Lastly, Facebook gives you four placement options for your ad: desktop, mobile, right column, and audience network. You will want to remove right column and audience network to cut the cost of the ad while maximizing the effectiveness of your ad. The right column refers to the small text at the side of desktop Facebook that most people skip over. Also, plugins exist that completely remove the right column, so avoid placing an ad here since it will likely go unnoticed. Audience networks refer to offsite ads, or ads on other websites connected to Facebook. You want to advertise directly on Facebook, not other sites, especially since you cannot measure the traffic of those anonymous other sites.

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