Former CEO of Yammer Leaves Microsoft

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David SacksFormer Yammer CEO David Sacks left the Microsoft Dynamics and Yammer teams recently. While this is likely unconnected to the recent downturns in the stock market it is important to take note of this as it will probably mean some changes are coming to how the company is managed and could have an impact on how you interact with the original company which made your company. Whether you should be concerned about this depends on events in the future.

Many read about the recent acquisition which also added on some new key features to the traditional framework. While this one was noteworthy it was far from the only set of programs brought into the family with the addition of SharePoint and a few other companies coming into the mix as well. Their new strategy appears to be one of gathering other powerful names in the business world under their own banner.

Accounting software for non profit organizations was one of the many things the former CEO worked with in his previous career. He also worked as COO of PayPal at one point. He grew his company into a major force in the industry which attracted the attention of many names in ERP including Microsoft Dynamics executives. They bought out his product and brought him along with many members of his team into the business family.

Some wonder if this happened due to the fact that executives there are trying to bring everything under one banner. In recent years they have been bringing partners in and exercising greater control over them so that they can get the maximum amount of profit and efficiency. He said little about the rationale behind his move just that he wanted to go on to “new adventures” in many different reports.

According to other reports his removal from Microsoft Dynamics teams does not matter much since he was not doing much work on it or at his old company. With the profits he made from the sale he can afford to live fairly comfortable for quite some time as long as he does not waste large amounts of his money. Others say that he wants to reinvest his earnings in a new area in order to create a massive new project.

As for Yammer itself it has added on quite a few new options for social integration into Microsoft Dynamics. Although “social work” has a different meaning in many parts of the world this is basically what those with the company are trying to create by using this and putting it inside so many products. Integration is expected to ramp up across the company as well while people learn to use it across many countries.

As for what it means for you, you should expect Microsoft to give more bonuses for those who want to work with them and much less to those who want to strike out from them. Everything is coming closer to home with one unified voice for the company as a whole and things will change.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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