GEARYS Brings Digital Luxury with Microsoft Dynamics

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GEARYS Main StoreGEARYS has long been a jeweler and luxury dealer for the fabulously wealthy and for many different movie stars as well. Due to this they had money to spend on an amazing solution for all of their CRM needs. We’ll be going over what they chose but you can probably guess. Modern technology is the best way to improve any business so we’ll be going over these as well.

Purchasing forecasts are a big part of why they chose Microsoft Dynamics GP. When dealing with incredibly valuable items like this they have to keep the overhead right where it needs to be. An unsold or even damaged item could end up costing them hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It’s a high-stakes game when dealing with products like this.

You can find out more about all of this and see a video on the subject on the Dynamics website. Online connections are a huge part of their choice as well. Their mobile devices now allow their sales team to cater directly to the perfect clients. Not everyone can afford their prices for reasons which should be pretty clear to you. It is called luxury for a reason and lowering their prices could actually put them out of business as well. It’s a strange paradox of the industry.

Perhaps the best part of using Microsoft Dynamics GP was that they can perfectly track their inventory and connect it with MSD CRM features. By using two different programs together they have an absolutely amazing network which gives both their suppliers and workers the information they need at all times. This is more complicated than the base product but can have amazing results across the cloud.

All of this also saved them money. No matter how big or successful you are saving a bit of money is always something you should look into. While they certainly want to spend a huge amount of money on the presentation it’s much easier to have a back-end which people don’t see. It’s also the best area to save money in without causing problems where people can see them as well.

Accounting software for non profit organizations also helps them with their philanthropy, as any luxury company works in this area as well. Multi-use considerations like this are very important as well since it allows you to manage everything without worrying about having to buy more equipment. You should also look into how you can use this for every single aspect of the installation as well.

They’ve been selling these items for 85 years in Beverly Hills. It’s a very competitive area where fortunes are made and lost all the time. Rags to riches stories are common in the area so they have to stay on top throughout the years. If they don’t provide the best service someone will be there to take up the slack as well. Unless they stay on top it’s difficult to stay in business. So you can see why they would need a great ERP system for this.


Author: Walter McDaniel