Glasbest and Microsoft Dynamics

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Glasbest Chip ContainerGlasbest from the Netherlands is a company which packages foods and creates secure glass containers which allow the products to remain fresh for quite a long time. With the wave of frugality sweeping Europe after the global economic crisis they had become more profitable than ever. As we have seen many times before with success comes the fact that you are probably going to outgrow your current systems. They quickly realized this and eventually switched over to Microsoft Dynamics in order to handle their new needs.

Due to the huge amount of new customers, packages and ingredients they were having trouble keeping track of the many orders which were coming in. Nothing unusual there when a company sees an explosion of growth. However also as usual they needed to find a solution which would let them track the large amount of new orders which were going out and send them out very quickly.

Fundraising management software isn’t something they often use but it is an option. What people do not realize is that even if a company is not a charity directly they can still benefit from this. How? Charity events. All the biggest companies in the world hold these in order to get tax breaks or, much more rarely, because they actually have good intentions. In either case any company can use Microsoft Dynamics in order to fully plan an event that will help the position of the company in the long term.

They had been using spreadsheets to track everything early on. While this may work for a small company as soon as you hit mid-size you usually need to switch away from it. Spreadsheets quickly fail when you have humans managing all details of each one. The average person simply cannot keep up with the flow of information as well as an ERP system. It is just a simple fact of life.

They worked with a Microsoft Dynamics partner in order to choose NAV for their needs. The NAV system has worked for those in manufacturing many times in the past so it was a great choice here again. Most of all many of the operation could be done automatically with this system which allowed some overworked employees to cut back on everything they were doing to make the company a success.

With the new system in place they could handle the impressive new growth and actually sped up their system as a whole. Even delivery of the items went even faster as you might expect due to the integrated logistics tracking within the system. This is something that nearly everyone who adopts this system sees happen as well. Everything they needed was now in one place for them to use.

This new system with Microsoft Dynamics NAV also allowed them to better track the development of new products, something that any company needs if they are going to continue to grow. Now they can implement new ideas and improve the quality of previous ones on a scale they never could before.




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