Global Option Sets are a major and useful

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Global Option Sets are a major and useful option that you can set for your Microsoft Dynamics system. We want to go over what they are, what they do and how they can make your business more efficient.

Global Option Sets are exactly as the name says, they run across your entire database. For example you can set all of your freight shipping in a section to run on UPS or FedEx. This allows you to set up thousands or even more entries at once. You can also set one group to use UPS and another to use some other shipping manifest.

You can also add global options such as a global client for receiving shipments arranged by your Microsoft Dynamics system. In practical terms it means that you can save a huge number of manpower hours and mind-numbing data entry for your people. Trust us, it is not fun to put in 20K entries into a system manually.

The downside to this is if an error is put in the global options it will spread to all the ones using this. However you can easily fix it yet again in global options. This transition is instant allowing you to fix things on-the-fly. Overall it is rather useful.

So how does this make your business more efficient? It allows you to save time when you get a new shipping option or new area that needs to be shipped to. You can create a variety of different option sets for your clients.

So let us look at a practical example. Imagine you are running a multinational corporation. Each continent or area of the globe may have a specific shipping method that runs better there or clients who need certain sets. You can create a global option for each one of these.

Once you have created a global option for each one of these in your Microsoft Dynamics system you can then have your individual offices use a select one from their terminals. This global system eliminates the need for your core office to create a hand-made database and saves time in individual offices. Much of the process becomes automated due to this.

As you can see, this will naturally save you time and increase employee satisfaction. Even if a user is somewhat dissatisfied with using a few options on Microsoft Dynamics they will probably much prefer it to putting every entry in manually somewhere else.

Even better the Outlook integration insures they can automate it down on a basic level and the global options can organize the data efficiently. Overall everything in the system works together to save time and energy for the whole company.

So now that you know how global options work you simply need to train your employees to use it. If they can learn the best ways to set it up then you can expect greatly increased productivity due to Microsoft Dynamics. It is up to you to find the best way to train your skilled employees.  

Author: Walter McDaniel

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