Goldilocks Bakeshop, Inc. and Baking with MSD AX

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Goldilocks Bakeshop ImageGoldilocks Bakeshop is moving more product than ever before. As with so many other businesses that see a huge upswing in business they also needed a system to keep everything working properly. We’ll go over their success story for you and also discuss where they are going in the future. This is one business that is growing in a huge number of ways as many large food companies do eventually if they put out excellent products.

Goldilocks is a sheer force with Filipino families. Based in the Philippines their products have been feeding families since 1966 when they started out as a small business. Now they have more than 400 stores and growing all over the world. Branches have even reached as far as Southeast Asia. They look to continue expansion into the future.

Microsoft Dynamics AX was the obvious choice for them because they want to ship products all over the world. That framework is perfect for moving the huge amounts of food there. It all adds up when you look into the many factors which went into this. With their system they can now track all the various shipments in order to make sure the buyers get it. Other alternatives simply wouldn’t work.

Celebrations are a big factor in buying for many Filipinos. Their various high-quality sweets insure that these events are perfect. Each one could work equally well for festivals in other parts of the world and they are figuring out ways to sell clients on this. The sales data gathered by AX is extremely useful in this area as well. So it’s an entire solution for the company as well.

This program can also be used as fundraising software as usual. However since they are a force in the industry they would only need to do this here and there for special events. Those who follow the culinary industry would do well to note that companies like this often supply food or even money for those in need. It’s a wonderful, positive aspect of the business.

On the supply end where they receive the materials they can now track their shipments there efficiently as well. Microsoft Dynamics AX allows them to see the entire picture all the way through from start to finish. This gives them the whole picture instead of simple parts of it. That is a huge deal for many companies and a big reason why whole-solution ERP is valuable today.

Customer satisfaction is important too and the full suite allows them to track reactions from those who give feedback as well. Just because some food got to the right destination doesn’t mean that anyone enjoyed it. A lack of sheer flavor and appreciation has been the downfall of many other companies. With this system they no longer have to worry about that even when expanding in to other markets.

From here they will likely go on to open even more businesses and ship more products than ever before. The flexible MSD framework will really help them with this continued expansion in the long run.



Author: Walter McDaniel

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