Habitat for Humanity and Microsoft Dynamics

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Habitat for Humanity WorkersSome charities are legendary. This particular one was supported heavily by former president Jimmy Carter and other celebrities. When Habitat for Humanity needed to grow and expand they chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV because it allowed them to connect with people all over the world. Find out how they improved their operations with us today.

Habitat for Humanity is an American institution. They have a huge history of helping people who need homes and community centers. This company has made thousands of homes and other institutions and there is no end in sight. They’ll continue to grow over time.

What most people don’t know is that they work with many other companies. They use Microsoft Dynamics NAV in order to handle all the affiliates. They have affiliates in 103 countries outside of North America as well. This means they need a global piece of software and they have it. It also works as a form of CRM for services companies, gathering information from those in need.

Habitat for Humanity also has a special situation in that they have individuals volunteer. These need to have some basic building skills and those need to be put in the right place. By having an ERP solution like this they can put the skills where they are needed. You don’t need someone who has all the skills in one place, you need them spread out to complete multiple projects. That’s the only way to keep everything running.

In an interesting situation some of those who keep Microsoft Dynamics NAV also volunteer to work with this charity. It’s quite amazing how these feed into each other.

Another reason their situation was important was the work they were doing. They build homes for those who need it so they need inventory. They need a way to ship materials and ferry workers. They need to make sure everything gets to the right place at the right time. This can be a logistical nightmare for people all over. But Microsoft Dynamics NAV can keep track of what materials they need. It can track who is available to work on each product. It can even keep track of donations and volunteers.

Their latest project is a chain of stores known as the “ReStores” which gives them additional funds. Volunteers fix up various items from chairs to toilets and put them on sale at a huge discount. You can furnish an entire home at a deep discount through these stores. In addition all the funds go to the charity so you are helping people without homes.

This project is perfect for a setup like this because they can track which items are coming in to be repaired and the sales that come from these. This allows them to track every aspect of their new setup in order to really improve the overall flow of the operation. As this chain of stores expands they can also keep track of the new stores.

So as you can see a massive charity like this is being run efficiently. Could you bring the same efficiency to your own business in this way?


Author: Walter McDaniel

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