Haynes International and Microsoft Dynamics

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Haynes International LogoHaynes International is an incredibly important company that has provided special alloys for a variety of projects. They claim that they provided parts for both the first automobile and first spacecraft to land on mars so they have a serious reputation to uphold with such bold claims. In the modern era they decided to turn to Microsoft Dynamics in order to better manage everything for their company. The choice was obvious after covering a few factors.

Their production has to be of the highest order because they create incredibly durable alloys for extreme applications. This includes everything from a container for extremely corrosive chemicals to protection against the void of space. When it comes to circumstances like this failure simply is not an option. Today they even work on nuclear reactors so they cannot make any sort of mistakes. Loss of life is just one of the many conditions that could arise from mistakes.

In the modern era they have been a global company without a unified ERP system. While it operated fine for a bit they started to realize they needed one to keep track of operations from Asia to North America. They then started looking over their options. They had considered a variety of choices but were unsure which one to go with. They eventually started looking into Microsoft Dynamics AX and went with it.

A big reason for them with this choice was the international currency options. As a major multinational they make a large amount of money in a large number of countries. Because of this they need to be able to easily transfer funds around from one area to another. They also need to be able to accept any funds which might come up. Both of these could be done easily.

The fact that they could roll out Microsoft Dynamics across multiple countries was huge as well. They did just that without much trouble and got everything working in a unified manner. It really allowed them to greatly improve the entire system. This streamlined their operations and led to much greater efficiency than ever before.

Their IT efficiency also improved and they are still a world leader in this area. With many countries taking an interest in space their products are still in high demand. Where they take their business next only they can be sure. Their options are nearly limitless due to the additional hardware.

Having the Microsoft Dynamics system set up all over the world also saves them time when implementing new options for their people. Grant management software is just another part of the process they could add if they wanted to. All of it will be instantly available to all their people no matter where in the world they are. Not having to go through the process of setting everything up over and over is absolutely invaluable when working with a huge system like this.

If you run a similarly large company then you might want to benefit from this instant long-term approach as well.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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