HighJump Software, LLC

HighJump Software, LLC

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA (HQ)

HighJump offers the most adaptable, Tier 1, best-of-breed WMS solution in the market. Our WMS, DSD, and EDI software solutions manage the flow of inventory and information from supplier through manufacturing and distribution all the way to direct store delivery to the retail store shelf. A commitment to developing industry-specific application features, combined with HighJump’s highly adaptable software architecture, has established HighJump as a leading supply chain software provider.

HighJump’s solutions are continually enhanced based on market and customer feedback to ensure we deliver the industry-specific product capabilities imperative to your success. Choose solution components to complement each other as part of your integrated HighJump supply chain software suite:

– Warehouse Management System (WMS)

– EDI Solutions

– TrueCommerce

– Direct Store Delivery and Mobility

– Transportation Management

– Manufacturing Execution

– Performance Management

– Supplier Enablement

Highly Adaptable Software Architecture

While HighJump Software solutions incorporate industry best practices, HighJump also empowers you to go above and beyond typical business processes by building your own company-specific workflows into the system. HighJump’s highly adaptable WMS software architecture enables you to easily personalize the system to meet your specific needs—without the use of custom code—in a fraction of the time of conventional systems, and at a fraction of the cost. Our EDI solutions integrate directly with Microsoft Dynamics Solutions, providing seamless formatting of your EDI documents, connecting you with leading retailers, saving you time and avoiding costly chargebacks.

More than 14,000 customers worldwide have transformed their supply chains using HighJump Software.

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