Hitachi Medical Systems Adopts MSD

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Massive Hitachi Medical DeviceHitachi Medical Systems handles everything from disease handling to surgeon aid with their imaging technology. By integrating their setup with Microsoft Dynamics CRM they can now help their clients in more ways than ever. Their sales force uses it in order to get their solutions where they are needed and make a profit in the process. Everything is working much better for them now that they decided to switch to a new solution and they can help more people than ever before.

Outdated systems in sales were a huge problem for the company because they were entering information manually in various areas which is a huge problem when a company has so many clients. Therefore they needed a real-time solution that would help them get their imaging hardware and software into the medical facilities where it is most needed.

This is not the first time Hitachi has worked with Microsoft. They’ve worked with them in practically every sector of their business in order to create a thriving new setting. It seems that this is the new business plan for both companies. It’s always a great idea to work with companies which are already friendly with you. Perhaps you, the reader, already do this and have seen your business grow massively from it.

You can check out a video on their comments here as well. They basically go over what we’ll be going over as well. One thing that you should understand is that while this doesn’t help them with their technology development it does greatly increase the funding they receive in so many different ways.

As we’ve seen many times before this is an organization where lives are on the line and people could die due to a lack of information. Imaging can mean the difference between finding out you have cancer and dying from it. It’s that serious. It’s interesting to see how many of these medical establishments and technology centers end up turning to Microsoft Dynamics CRM or some other form for their databases.

We’re sure that fundraising software will be handy for them at later events as well. You can’t be in this industry without doing some philanthropy. Especially when it comes to medical technology where people simply expect you to do this no matter what, obviously there are some different standards here.

On the sales end they do have their work cut out for them. Imaging hardware brings in huge profits but each person they sell this to consider it as an investment. Therefore they won’t settle for anything less than incredible quality and service from those that they buy these from. Mistakes are not an option. They’ll be using many of the advances revealed at Convergence.

The diagnostic imaging products at Hitachi Medical Systems deliver better information to doctors and less-invasive testing methods for patients. Internally, HMSA’s information management was encumbered by a slow and inefficient manual system that could not keep up. To maintain standards as they serve the medical community, HMSA needed a better solution. Now with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, sales reps can get reliable, timely information.

Author: Walter McDaniel