How Delta Air Lines Improved with Microsoft Dynamics

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Delta Airlines PlaneDelta Air Lines was an air giant for years upon years. With the turmoil that followed 9/11 they needed to become more competitive. People were not flying as much and there were still a great many companies around to compete with. It was a bad situation for them all around. However they went with Microsoft Dynamics as their new ERP system and managed to continue seeing success with their massive company. Today they’re on the cutting edge of offers and technology by using what they have learned. Come read how they got there right now.

Delta had for some time used Microsoft Dynamics in order to keep track of customers. This allowed them to keep everything together in a coherent way. However now they are moving on to keep track of what customers need.  At their core they needed a type of CRM for services firms.

The latest way Delta Air Lines innovated this process is by using a retail mobile point-of-sale platform on Nokia Lumia devices. These run on windows phone 8 which allows their flight attendants to make sure their customers are happy all over the world. They can keep track of each customer on an individual basis.

Microsoft Dynamics keeps a tally of how often customers fly, who they fly with and much more over time. The attendants can then look at this data from any plane they are on. This helps them know how to best serve each one. As we all know some customers need extra attention or special service. This helps them serve you better as well.

Before the attendants were basically flying blind. They had to ask or guess what each one needed at any given time. This is a rather impossible task with the sheer number of people on each flight and what each one needs. One of the worst things that can happen on an airline is for you to get bad reviews. In an age where information is freer than ever customers can give you a bad review from your plane. They needed this system more than ever to respond customer complaints and fix them very quickly.

As a result their company has been names the most admired airline in the world by Fortune magazine. Customers are more satisfied than ever now that their attendants know what they want. It earned this several years.

What is so interesting about this situation is that this isn’t a situation where Microsoft Dynamics is normally use. It’s being used to predict what people need and when. This is a natural part of the program with the wealth of tools it has to do this. It’s an innovative application to a system that is extremely flexible. It could easily be applied to many different branches of service all around.

They used Microsoft Dynamics for retail to give them excellent coverage and insight into their client base. As such they are poised to once again head to the top and stay there over time. Could your own company use a similar system? Only you can answer that.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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