How Jelly Belly Got More Delicious with Microsoft

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Jelly Belly LogoJelly Belly is a company that has been a classic all over the world for years. Eventually they became a company that was growing too fast. With their originally small selection growing into hundreds of flavors and going out all over the world they needed some way to handle it. They needed an ERP system that works like Microsoft Dynamics.

There might be someone out there who is not familiar with the Jelly Belly Company. They make a variety of jelly beans and other confectionery products. They’re most notable for doing strange beans such as cheeses or jalapeno varieties. They do the classic selections as well as some weird ones and that keeps them on top. This allows them to stay ahead in the industry.

Their situation was different from that of many companies. They were using a Microsoft SQL Server to manage many of their teams. It was working fairly well but they needed more. Fortunately having this made it easy to set up a Microsoft Dynamics framework later on. That was a big advantage for them and really cut down on the initial costs.

Their regular sales team benefited greatly from this new setup. It allowed them to find customer and vendor information so that they would be better prepared for the sales conferences where they made most of their money. They found many of their vendors at these so they were a huge part of the sales landscape for the company.

This system allowed to shop to “Mom and Pop” stores all over the country even more efficiently. It also allowed them to look at data on the fly in order to determine the best ways to serve these smaller customers all around. Overall it really made the entire system more efficient and useful. It also worked well as events management software.

It allowed them to create what they called a “transparent clearinghouse” for information. This let them share the information perfectly from group to group all over the company and also let dealers find out more information. It also allowed them to look over the sales processes. They could now find out what was working and what wasn’t with the process. This allowed them to work even more efficiently at conventions and other sales outlets. It even let them check things as small as how profitable their store displays were. While that would seem inconsequential in a world where tons of companies manufacture the very same product as them branding is vital. They need people to know that their brand is the best and stock it well.

Of course with any perishable food item there are troubles with getting everything where it needs to be. Jelly beans may last much longer than some foods but they still need to be fresh to taste better. They also have a significant sales team that finds new places to market their products. With this system they finally found it and you can learn from their example as well. Try it out for yourself some time and see for yourself.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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