How Linc Group scaled up with Microsoft Dynamics

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Linc Group LogoSome companies need fast scaling with their services. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is especially useful for service-heavy industries because your customers are the most important part. Today we are going to examine how Linc group used this powerful system to insure that information was shared across their company. As a result they have expanded greatly and are growing in huge ways.

Linc Group creates ways for companies to go green and have sustainable energy and products. They provide a wide variety of services from consulting to actual design. They have a huge number of clients in governments all over the world as well as businesses. This equates to around 45,000 different customers of large size. They needed a solution to handle all this so they turned to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The first way that Linc group used Microsoft Dynamics CRM was to share information. This system allows a company to keep records of all past, present and future clients. It also allows any trusted employee to access this information regardless of who is there from their team. Even information from many years back can be pulled up on the fly and used to help with service. They also used it as events management software.

Another way it was useful is that they could keep specific information about what each customer wants. If you have one customer that wants electronic services and another has printing needs, you need to know that. With Microsoft Dynamics it is quite easy to keep track of this.

The way it does all of this is that you or a related agency hosts a SQL server. This holds all the information that you control and add to. Microsoft Dynamics CRM grabs this information and translates it into a useful format for your company members.

This also helps them save money because they can find the perfect fit for each customer without throwing solutions and seeing what sticks. They can also learn from past successes or failures with similar clients and predict what the new ones are going to need. All of this happens in real-time and can be added to or gathered from by your employees.

Sales are another vital part where Microsoft Dynamics CRM excels. Employees can take in an e-mail and track quotes for their customers. These same ones can be changed into orders, which turn into invoices. This can all happen with a few clicks over a few days. Companies can change all the options throughout this entire process over time.

The Outlook Integration that we have mentioned before was also useful for Linc group. It lets even new employees in your company to access the data from Microsoft Outlook. This is essential for those who are too new or inexperienced to be given full access to the system.

We hope you have learned something from the success of Linc group. Perhaps you can apply the same useful features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to your own business. We wish you luck in tailoring this system for both your employees and your customers.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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