How Mesa Community College used MD CRM

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Mesa Community College ExampleMesa Community College is one of many different colleges that the media is terming “fast food” style. That may be a bit harsh but it does provide fast education when adults need it. A Microsoft Dynamics CRM framework was the best choice for them to organize everything among their students. From enrollment to graduation they have resources in their current system to help their students succeed in the long run.

Unfortunately the company was struggling with a system which used paper for almost everything. If files were lost or misplaced they were simply gone forever and they had huge numbers of new students. Many of them were coming from high school to college and needed guidance as well, something else that was causing problems for them.

All of this was put in multiple databases, not one unified Microsoft Dynamics CRM database. As a result things got very confusing. Students and facilitators could not just access all the information that they wanted at one time. They would have to dig through several methods in order to find one that worked in the long term.

So they needed a solution that could handle all this information without having to use their outdated paper system. They also needed one database that all the software could talk to at once. Microsoft Dynamics CRM managed to provide them with both of those pieces. They could now have students give all their information online in order to make sure everything got through correctly.

This really helped them from a business aspect as in this business you have to qualify leads for the product. If someone cannot afford your educational offerings then it really does not matter what you are giving them in the first place. They can also get a look at how the student does from first contact to full graduation. This information is quite vital for their marketing and sales centers to have. It really helps them work everything out in the long run. Accounting software for nonprofits uses many of the same principles.

This new Microsoft Dynamics CRM system also allowed them to run everything more efficiently. A lot of money was saved by doing this and it helped them sustain their business in a market where competition is absolutely fierce. The system allowed them to help some students who were at risk of failing or not making payments. This let them correct some problems before they even became serious and helped their people stay enrolled. After all things are no good if you do not have people graduating.

It also allowed them to have a higher level of education due to the support involved. Everything became more efficient and students could progress through the area much faster all around. This allowed them to increase overall enrollment as they also catered to high school students who might not have ever made it to any college. In the fast paced world today you need significant education or connections to make it. It seems the Mesa Community is going to continue filling that need for some time to come.




Author: Walter McDaniel

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