How Nissin Foods Used Microsoft Dynamics to Create New Markets

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Nissin Foods DiagramNissin Foods has been a top name in the ramen industry. Their top ramen and cup of noodles products are quite famous with many people for their ease of creation and good taste. The company needed a way to move into South American markets and they chose Microsoft Dynamics for that. Today we want to talk about how they deployed it and what you can learn from their situation as well.

First let us go over their background. Nissin Foods is an incredibly powerful food distribution service in the United States. They have massive sales of their inexpensive and fast foods all over. From college students who want to save on money and make a hot meal fast to those who need to just save money they have a massive customer base. With this they have a huge manufacturing base to create the product needed. As a result you could find products such as “Cup of Noodles” all over the entire country. They continue to expand across the world today.

Unfortunately they did not previously have a very strong way to keep track of all their suppliers and where everything needed to go. They needed a company to provide this so they chose ArcherPoint who set them up with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Many companies offer these various services and will install everything you need to get started.  It also served as a useful form of crm for associations.

They immediately set about installing the new Microsoft Dynamics system for them. Once the product was in place they could finally start taking in orders at a new and accelerated rate. They also had a way to connect the various parts of the company stretching out across the world.

This new system allowed them to make the difficult trek into Colombia. There are many troubles when dealing with South American areas. Everything from crime to simply moving everything through customs can be a major problem. They had to find ways to keep everything under control and moving at an even pace. This system also lets them check to see if shipments are missing. This can be a serious problem due to the tumultuous state of some areas.

In the future this same system will likely allow them to expand even further. Of course we can’t be sure that they will go to the tip of South America but it could be possible after quite a bit of work. The highly modular system lets them grow as much as they want or scale back if things aren’t working.

As of now they stand out as a major manufacturer throughout all of America. With the help of their new software and hosting they can expand as far as they want. Of course they will likely have more troubles later on. Does your company need a similarly flexible solution when moving across seas or nations? You may want to use a similar one for yourselves. Be sure to look extensively and find the best one that you can for your expansion needs and other software requirements.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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