How Open Source is competing with Microsoft Dynamics

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KwaMoja Billing ExampleA new trend is popular all over the world. Now the Open Source movement has started competing with CRM offerings such as Microsoft Dynamics. While the fees are reduced for charities and such it’s still too much money for some of them to use it. As such many of these people have turned to third parties offering original programs. The movement has provided a framework which many philanthropic developers are working on. As such they have a strong framework which will work for smaller hospitals and charities.

This movement is especially prevalent in Africa where they have a lot of humanitarian organizations. Unfortunately these associations do not have the funding to even afford around $500 a month for some of the cheaper packages. They are skimming by on a shoestring budget so it just is not going to be working for them. They have to get just about everything they use not only at a discount but often times for free just to make ends meet.

Nonprofit accounting software is just one of many areas in which people are developing. Everything from tracking funds to managing patients and donors is being covered. All of this at little to no cost for people in developing nations. For those who cannot afford the more expensive solutions this is a great way to keep their setup running. They can always switch to an industry class one later down the line so it’s not bad.

The Microsoft Dynamics team is not concerned though. They have plenty of demand and programs to compete. However they should really be happy that people are providing open source options to compete with them. Open Office competed with them and as a result they worked harder to put out a better product. As a result the MS Office 365 is the best it has been in years. The same thing is going to be happening with this. More competition drives them to put out better products themselves, which keeps them on top.

As usual the real winners in this are the consumer. In example, you and us. We not only have options for when we can’t afford a massive setup but our installations at the top are better than ever before with more features than we could imagine in the past. And it doesn’t look like the competition is going to cease anytime soon. It’s just going to get fiercer as free options are offered and everyone has to step up there game. Everyone wins in the long run.

So what are these? One is called KwaMoja which is an offshoot of webERP. It allows hospitals to take care of their people and manage inventory to save money. This increases their efficiency and helps them stay afloat in the long term. Some of their biggest hospitals actually use this to create a precise and efficient environment. With the huge demand for health care in the country due to the wide number of debilitating diseases this is absolutely vital. They simply can’t afford to use Microsoft Dynamics yet.

That being said the Microsoft Dynamics framework provides quite a few more options than open source ever could. You get what you pay for in many ways. So it is probably likely that they will move up to it if the country ever fully develops. They of course have quite a way to go before that happens as there are many different infrastructure problems to keep track of.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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