How Plante Moran improved their Accounting

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Plante Moran LogoPlante Moran handles a huge number of United State clients and big amounts of money. They needed a CRM system to help them deliver a better experience. With how competitive the investment arena was becoming it was essential for them.

Previously they had used a variety of different systems that did not work all that well together. They needed to move everything in the company onto something provided by Microsoft in one way or another. Everything from their basic office setup to their more expansive servers was moved onto one piece of software or another.

They also had a partner quickly integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with their databases. This helped them better share information across the whole company. Consultants could also use the systems themselves. Everything from Office to Outlook was available for them so this allowed them to give better suggestions to the core company as well.

At the time they did this they had over 1,000 consultants who needed information. They needed to know where they were needed and what they needed to do. Now they have even more in the present day and the system still keeps track of them. With CRM they can access it anywhere through mobile devices in order to get the information in real time. This lets them instantly figure out what their clients need and implement it very quickly.

Referrals were another part where Microsoft Dynamics CRM improved the whole process in a big way as well. Now the company could keep track of all their clients and those referred to them. In a business where every client counts this was very important. It could mean thousands of dollars going to them or to someone else in one sitting. They could easily track what every client wanted and do their best to keep them happy as well.

Plante Moran also has multiple and very important mail programs that they use to funnel business to them over time. Keeping track of all the correspondence was absolutely ridiculously difficult over time. There were hundreds of thousands of pieces of mail to send out and keep track of. They managed to get up to date information about all of these in their system. It was still a huge amount of information in Microsoft Dynamics CRM but a computer can handle it. The human mind is not quite so conditioned to deal with that much information.

This increased efficiency allowed them to keep better track of their clients and not send out redundant correspondence. As a result more people than ever are choosing to work with them and they’re a powerful company to this day. They also have a more flexible company because their new system allows them to switch things up whenever they need to. This really gives them an edge over some of the big companies in the area.

If you run an investment company your workers need information. This is one of the best ways for you to get it to them instantly. Consider this as your web based crm solution.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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