How ReadSoft built onto the Windows Platform

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ReadSoft LogoReadSoft was recently chosen as the Microsoft Dynamics Globally Managed Independent Software Vendor. They have become a major part of the scheme and a part of the Microsoft global perspective. Today we’re going to talk about what this means for the company and why the larger companies is picking out “chosen ones” to be their favored companies.

One major area that they embraced the entire platform was windows 8.1. Both with designing their own products for the platform and using it themselves they have made it a part of their business. Both ReadSoft Online Approve and the XBOUND System Monitor work for their clients. They sell these to make their money and can test them on the fly on their own network because they use them internally.

So what do all these have to do with Microsoft Dynamics AX which they also use? Each one of them integrates perfectly and shares information on the fly in order to make everything work together in amazing ways.

Their hybrid cloud AP custom software is one way they have used their Microsoft Dynamics AX. They both use it internally and offer it to certain approved clients that allows them to better use their own versions of the software as well. All of this leads to better integration both inside and outside of the company.

Cloud services are in fact their main gimmick which was why the new cloud perspective from Microsoft Dynamics developers was so welcome to them. They both have the same ideas as far as where business is going and having access to everything everywhere. That is why they have integrated everything so well across their entire company both inside and outside.

All these additional combinations and improved efficiency options has allowed them to head to the top of the business software industry. It also shows that Microsoft is choosing specific companies to be their “chosen ones” in the world. This is going to have a massive shakeup on the entire industry all around. If you are not a “chosen one” or are not working with them then you may have some stormy times ahead for your business. We would suggest checking these out if you have any chance to do so. It might make your whole setup work even better.

Currently it looks like ReadSoft will continue to be on top of the industry as their partner company is going to continue to give them options. Their clients can now access hundreds of options over their network and affiliated networks that let them build virtually any sort of cloud solution that you could ever imagine. While we’re talking about AX many of these things apply to Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners as well.

Apps are also a big part of this because they are what everyone wants and they use the partnership to develop everything on all avenues. This gives them an even larger selection for their company in the long run. So if you could benefit from anything like this then check them out or try to form a partnership of your own and reap the same benefits.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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