How ShoreMaster Diversified with Microsoft Dynamics

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ShoreMaster Dock ProductShoreMaster is still a massively popular company even in times when things like this might be considered frivolous. One of the major things that has kept them on top is their Microsoft Dynamics AX. They work through a series of dealers and the knowledge base that it provides everyone with is a massive and very useful deal for them. So we are going to go over how this entire setup has contributed to their success in the long run.

ShoreMaster has a huge array of waterfront equipment. Ever wonder who builds those docks and floaters you may see at some of the better state parks? They are one of the companies that does. They build extremely robust models that can withstand a lot of

One major point that drew them in was the enhancement plan. In this system you have a huge amount of knowledge resources and also some very intensive support when things go wrong. CustomerSource is one thing that they offer with their Microsoft Dynamics package. They also have E-training programs so that employees can learn as well. All of this knowledge has really improved the whole process whether things are going wrong or not.

Another thing that the program helped them do was get their brands in order. They simply wouldn’t make it alone so they brought in the Rhino and Shoreline brands to help. As such they form a massive conglomerate which includes the best producers in the world. All of that can be a bit difficult to manage if you don’t have Microsoft Dynamics AX. It is well known for being able to handle a lot of information on shipping, dealers, etc. Membership management software was hugely improved in this way.

Flexibility is another big point that influenced their choice. They often change their setup to correspond to new vendors and areas in which they are working. Employees are also trained to be able to do this themselves in case something goes wrong with the supply chain or a senior employee cannot be called upon.

They also had to decide how much information to share with their people. They ended up deciding to share most of it because better informed dealers and workers would make the whole process easier and better. If you get a similar system with Microsoft Dynamics you will have to make a similar decision. Hopefully you will have a network of people as trustworthy as theirs when you actually get around to it.

They continue to thrive today selling luxury equipment to businesses and sometimes even wealthy people. Each purchase can be quite expensive but people are willing to pay more for quality in the water. As such their profit margins are still very good today in these troubling economic times.

If you can bring the same flexibility and data to your own vendors then you can help them as well. Even your internal training can be improved if everything is set up correctly. Learn from there example in order to get the same great results for your own company.




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