How Talking Rain Moved Up with Microsoft Dynamics

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Talking Rain LogoThe Talking Rain Beverage Company is a small company with some delicious products. Since they want to expand and grow into a larger market they have decided to go with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. After adopting this a short amount of time ago they’ve seen significant success. They even have some shelf space at major retailers which is fueling further growth. Today we are going to talk to you a bit about their success story so that you can learn from it.

Talking Rain is privately owned and they pride themselves on quality over quantity by drawing from artisan springs. They focus on bringing the best possible beverages to the market. Perhaps their most recognizable brand is sparkling ice which is a flavored variant to their traditional water. Some of you out there may have even tried it before reading our article.

They originally had a much older and less updated ERP system known as Fourth Shift. While this might have worked for them some time ago it was not meeting their current needs. So they looked to Microsoft Dynamics for a new solution. This happens with many different businesses who realize they need something faster and more flexible to make it all come together.

The huge amount of manual input in their system was hurting them deeply. Everything from filling out orders to crunching databases was done by hand. This took a huge amount of time and effort to insure everything was correct. They needed a way for things to work automatically in a shorter amount of time.

As a result they turned to Microsoft Dynamics NAV which had the power to handle everything about their shipping. There were now dozens of different ways for them to track everything in a quick manner. They could also double-check their shipments in order to make sure everything got out in time. This saved them money in the long run because they were losing out on products and buyer satisfaction.

There are other benefits as well. Accounting software for non profit organizations could be a useful aspect if they do any charity events later on. No matter the size of a company you sometimes want to do things like this. It looks good to the public and can be a lot of fun for those involved. Of course it’s up to them how they want to use the software for themselves.

The most important aspect was that it integrated well with the additional warehouse software they integrated as well. Once everything was installed they could ship with peak efficiency as people requested their products. This greatly increased their efficiency throughout the whole company. As with many companies like this that was what they really needed in the long run.

With a small number of employees the information sharing was even more powerful than in a larger one. They could all pretty much tell what the others were doing by using Microsoft Dynamics to stay in contact completely. This will only get better as time goes on and more social options are added to open further lines of communication.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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